Lightning Protection And Surges

Lighting Protection And Surges
Now You Can have Protection for your Home!

Surge Protection/Lightning Protection

This is a device that is hooked up to your panel that will protect all of your vital electronic devices in your home from sudden surges and spikes in your electrical lines. It is similar to the device that you can plug into your outlet for your computer or other electronics only this one will take care of your entire home. For information on the cost of surge protection ask your technician.

Whole House Surge Protection is Available Now!
Surges can happen during lightning storms. If lightning strikes a power line and follows into your home with excess voltage, the power will disperse to anything that is plugged into your outlets and potentially "damage" these items. Items like plasma TV's, computers, appliances and other household electronics might be lost when this happens. These are enough reasons to have surge protection in your home so that your expensive electronics are safe. If you are interested in protecting your vital electronic equipment, make sure to let your technician know that you are interested in Surge Protection.

Lightning Storms that Strike Your Power Lines will Cause Damage.
Whole House Surge Protection: Safety, protection, and just modern day conveniences in your home are subjected to electrical hazards every day. Is your home wired for computer networking, high-speed internet access, fax, modem, cable and satellite tv's, etc? Maybe you need whole-house surge protection for home wiring and major electrical appliances. (There are, afterall, an average of 35 disruptive or destructive power disturbances per household annually). So give us a call today and we'll sit down and talk about how we can help ensure your peace of mind.

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