Troubleshooting & Repairs

Our highly trained and experienced technicians utilize all the latest tools and technologies in the industry to find your electrical problem(s) promptly and then giving you the best options for repairs or replacement. Troubleshooting can be tricky. An experienced electrical troubleshooter is needed to prevent causing additional problems and damage. We have experienced troubleshooters to repair your most difficult problems.

Home Safety Checkups

We are dedicated to your safety. We offer a Home Safety Evaluation which is included in each service call provided with indoor work if requested. This evaluation covers all electrical areas to ensure that your home is electrically safe and sound. Our evaluations are based on the National Electrical Code & Fire Code. We include a panel checkup, wiring inspections, outdoor power, and life safety equipment checkout, I.e., smoke detectors, Ground Fault receptacles and outlets.

Upgrading of electrical problems

Sometimes upgrading or replacing you electrical problems and concerns is the right thing to do. Repairs are definitely the way to go a lot of the time. But, upgrading or replacing could resolve a problem for years to come. We will always give you the option of repairing or replacing. We give you a firm price for both options. We give you our expert opinion, but always leave you in control of your decision for what is best for you.


When you have a breakdown of your electrical lighting or power, it's never at a convenient time. That's why we can get to your problem and make the repair usually in the same day of your call. FAST SERVICE is only one of the things that set us apart.

Energy saving lighting upgrades

We specialize in lighting fixture upgrades. We can convert most lights to be the most energy efficient possible. We can recommend upgrading lighting to be more efficient and long lasting.


We can retrofit most lighting and power outlets to be the most modern and up to date available. New codes require arc fault breakers for most houses. Outlets may need to be changed to Ground Fault Interrupt type where they are required by the electrical code.

Electrical meter and usage verification

We can tie in a device that measures electrical power consumption the same way the power company does. We can look for inefficient wiring, panels, grounding, lighting, and other equipment. We could add timers and retrofit lighting so your whole electrical system is it's most energy efficient.

Decrease power consumption

Consuming Power is like calories..........the more you consume......the more the power company charges and as for calories, the more weight you have to deal with..........The best way to decrease power consumption is to turn electrical consuming items off. This can be done with motion sensors for lights. Timers for lights that reset themselves based on sunrise and sunset. There are also some dimming systems that can decrease the amount of power lights burn. Also, there are power shades that can be installed with light sensors that open shades for more light automatically. Programmable thermostats can be used, and even controlled with Iphones or other mobile phones. Give us a call and we will give you even more ideals about decreasing your power consumption.

Lighting installation

Yes, we will install lights you get at the big box stores. We will also work with you to design lighting solutions that are functional and even elegant. From recessed lighting to under counter lighting, we will give you options to light whatever concerns you may have.

Outdoor lighting installation and/or repair/upgrades

Security lighting, fountain lighting, landscape lighting, even Christmas lighting can all be performed by us at Artex Electric / Service First. We install, repair and upgrade all levels of outside lighting. From 100 foot stadium lights to 6 inch accent lights, we install and maintain all lighting products.

Pole light repair

Artex Electric / Service First has been installing and repairing light poles and stadium lighting for over 40 years. We have 40 and 56 foot bucket trucks. We have climbers that use safety harness' to free climb poles. We can install wood poles also with drill truck equipment. Call us to get your pole lights installed or repaired today.

Dimming systems

Lutron, Leviton, Lehigh are just a few of the dimming systems we install. From individual dimmers to dimming systems, we install dimming controls that meet your needs. Churches, schools, home theater rooms all need dimming systems to create the atmosphere necessary for proper viewing. Call us to review your options for a simple or multistation dimming system.

Solar Attic Fan installation

The future is now, solar powered attic exhaust fans keep your attics cool so your air conditioner works less and you save big on your power bill. Currently, you also can get a 30% tax credit on the installed cost of your installed fan. Quite operation, power by sunlight, this is a nice addition to any Green minded person.

Solar power installation

Think Green, solar power is now here. Solar power panels are built now better than ever. Tie into the power grid.

Breaker Box, Fuse Box, Power Panel, Electric Box, Electrical Panels

Your panel is the heart of your electrical power system. An improperly working panel is not energy efficient and potentially a safety hazard. An electrical panel checkup be a good ideal for your panels long term health. Torque down the wires to the breakers, being sure the breakers are securely fastened to the panel buss, identifying the breakers, and looking for overheating are important checks for a an electrical panel.
Many homes have electrical panels that are 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years old. Who drives cars this old? As cars get old, so do electrical panels. As time moves forward, technology improves including electrical panels and breakers. There are two brands of panels that have lost their UL label listing. Federal Pacific (FPE) and Zynsco are obsolete brands. We recommend replacing these panels. These panels have proven to be unreliable and a safety hazard.

Indoor Lighting

Lighting can effectively change and enhance any room in your home. Let our expert technicians offer lighting solutions including but not limited to track lighting, cabinet lighting, over cabinet lighting, recessed can lighting, hall lighting, accent lighting, direct lighting, and any other lighting needs. As well as automation control of lighting. Turn on every light with a mobile phone or computer. Install a master switch that will turn on ever light in your house, or only walkway lights with your garage door opener. We also can provide dimming systems from Lutron and Leviton.

Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Add beauty and functionality to your existing exterior and landscaping using our outdoor lighting solutions such as security lighting, moon lighting, accent landscape lighting, pathway lighting, uplighting, and any other outdoor lighting needs.Control fountain pumps through automation. Install outdoor light timers that adjust themselves with the changing sunsets. Install timers for Christmas lighting that turn on at the same time.


Why do I need a generator?
You need a generator to restore power to heating and air conditioning, refrigerators , or even your entire home. If you lose main power from a lightning storm, ice storm, other natural disasters, down power lines, or other events that could cause you to lose your power. As these incidents happen to homes, there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Having a generator installed will provide you with power to run equipment in your house while others are still in the dark. We will install a Briggs and Strattan Generator with a General Electric automatic transfer switch. The best generator and warranty available.

How long could you live without these important items?
- Medical Life Safety Devices
- Computer
- Internet
- Appliances
- Air Conditioning / Heat
- Security Systems
- Television
- Radio
- Fridge/Freezer

By installing a generator, these items can still be used while power is out. A generator can keep power going to the refrigerator or freezer keeping the items cold so they do not go to waste. On the average, you could lose up to $500 in perishables per occurrence!

Surge Protection/Lighting Protection

This is a device that is hooked up to your panel that will protect all of your vital electronic devices in your home from sudden surges and spikes in your electrical lines. It is similar to the device that you can plug into your outlet for your computer or other electronics only this one will take care of your entire home. For information on the cost of surge protection ask your technician.
What is an example of a surge that causes damage?
Surges can happen during lightning storms. If lighting strikes a power line and follows into your home with excess voltage, the power will disperse to anything that is plugged into your outlets and potentially "damage" these items. Items like plasma TV's, computers, appliances and other household electronics might be lost when this happens. These are enough reasons to have surge protection in your home so that your expensive electronics are safe.
If you are interested in protecting your vital electronic equipment, make sure to let your technician know that you are interested in Surge Protection.
What Is Whole House Surge Protection?
Whole House Surge Protection: Safety, protection, and just modern day conveniences in your home are subjected to electrical hazards every day. Is your home wired for computer networking, high-speed internet access, fax, modem, cable and satellite tv's, etc? Maybe you need whole-house surge protection for home wiring and major electrical appliances. (There are, afterall, an average of 35 disruptive or destructive power disturbances per household annually). So give us a call today and we'll sit down and talk about how we can help ensure your peace of mind.

Phone, Internet, Cable Wiring , Data Cabling

Are you adding a home office? Are you adding a computer or a television to a room in your home? We can add additional outlets for cable TV, for phone, for grounded outlets to an existing older home. Our technicians specialize in those hard to get to places in your home, and can fish wiring through your walls to fit most desired applications of your TV placement and internet wiring. We can do Cat 5, Cat 6, or even fiber optic cabling and of course testing Call us today.

Meter Base Repair / Inspection

We care about each of our customers. When our customers lose power to their homes, we're here to provide a prompt response. Your meter base is an intrical part of your electrical system. Trust in us to get your power restored promptly. We have an excellent track record and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our customers.
Signs that your meter base needs repair or replacement:
- Partial loss of power to house (several different rooms - sparadical outages)
- Major Appliances not working: Electrical Cooktop, Dryer, Oven, etc
- Burnt smell outside at meter
- Flickering Lights
- Shorter than Usual Life on Lamps & Bulbs
- Excessive Energy Usage (Higher than Normal Electrical Bill

Energy Saving Solutions

How to Save More On Energy Bills?
We offer full house energy surveys and evaluations. We can measure you electrical usage just like the power company. We can suggest more energy efficient ways to improve you use of electricity. Better light bulbs, timers, solar fans, solar heaters are just some of the ways we can improve your energy efficiency.
If you are wanting to save money or save the planet, we have answers for you.

Adding / Replacing Circuit(s)

Need More Circuits Installed?
Add outlets, Switches, Receptacles, plugs we do it all. We hookup Hot Tubs and swimming pools. Let the professionals at Artex Electric handle the job -- whether it's for your commercial office or your home, call us today and in most cases we'll have your new circuits installed SAME day!